Thursday, November 18, 2010

What is Your Nest Egg Wish?

Finally I find myself awake at this late hour, actually up to the task of writing an update on this long inactive blog.

What woke me from this super long "blog slumber" was an email from CPF InTouch inviting CPF members to contribute their retirement wish in return for a chance at winning an ipad.

Here's what I wrote:

"I wish for a retirement busy with activities that would make me happy.

Right now, that would mean the following:

1. Volunteering in church
2. Singing in a choir
3. Organising monthly book club meets - exchanging ideas and ruminations from the latest literary bestseller with like-minded book readers
4. Keeping active - playing golf/ tennis twice a week, and yoga twice a day (like Singapore's centenarian Teresa Hsu!)
5. Mentoring at least one young person each year

Last but not least: family. To be grandmother to the children of my children, should God so bless us with any.

And when each day ends, to end the day holding the hand of the man I married to sleep each night."

What's your nest egg wish?