Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 2011 Hols

A friend shared recently her notes from a session at church. The topic was on how to find time, and the sharing was given by Dr Tan Soo Inn.

As I find myself entering the second quarter of the year and feeling somewhat unprepared for it, I gave the notes a long hard look to see where the pointers applied to me. And there were a few.

I was struck by how I keep getting my priorities mixed up. The speaker touched on the importance of recognising what our roles in life are, and the priorities we should allocate to each. I quote (Thanks Mei for the notes!):

2) Recognising our Roles
List the roles you have and then allocate time to each of them.
How much time are you spending on each of these roles? Should you spend more or less time on each of these roles.

Some KEY roles in our life;
1) Member of Christ's body, the church (Rom 12:4-8)
2) Parent (Colossians 3:21)
3) Child (Col 3:20)
4) Spouse (Eph 5:21-33)
5) Worker (Col 3:22-4L1)
6) Friend (Proverbs 18:24)
7) Citizen (Romans 13:1-7) - often left out - pray for the nations

The role of a worker appears at number 5.

But as a working mom, I realise that I spend most of my hours in a weekday at work (7.15am - 6pm = 11hours 45 min) or thinking about work. As a result, I often neglect my other roles or do not allocate sufficient time to them.

What bums me out is that even then, I spend my waking hours often consumed by the issues I need to resolve at work, and feel like I'm not being efficient enough.

Well, the first step to addressing this imbalance was to take 3 days off from work to spend with the kids.

It being the March hols, we both tried to catch up on lost time building our relationship with the boys.

On Monday, took D to see The Gingerbread Man show at Alliance Francais. Got to spend quality time with G at Aunty L's apartment with Aunty B.

Tuesday saw us at Pasir Ris playground - the kids loved the open space and lots of equipment to jump and climb on, and having Aunty Mei and J there with us.

This morning, we headed out to Jacob Ballas.

Some pics:

At the bottom of Tree House Slide

Love the grin on our 19-month-old:
Tree house slide 6

Nice to see the eldest boy "taking care" of his little brother:
Take that!

And really taking care of his brother:

Other cute photos of our two boys:
P3150315.JPGP3150317.JPGBoy with a bucketP3150333.JPG