Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break.

After what seemed to be an interminably long 8 weeks, spring break finally came.

Like sweet reprieve to the soul in purgatory - a Catholic reference, I know, but you get the idea! Nothing soothes the agony of a separation quite like the much longed for reunion.

Braving 30 hours of traveling, I arrive back at home at 4 in the morning. Dylan had just woken up for a pre-dawn feed, and the grandparents were eager to see how he'd react to seeing his parents again.

His smile at seeing us was just precious. Instant recognition and surprise mixed into one sweet expression. How our 15 month old has grown!

I remarked to E. how even our li'l one's voice seemed different from just 2 months ago. He giggled and went straight for daddy, at first a little shy to be embraced by the mommy.

Before long, him and I quickly caught on, though, and we're inseparable.

As it should be.

E., Dylan and I spent a good part of the week just spending time together as a family. Eating our favorite foods - bak chor mee, kway chap, ondeh ondeh. You name it.

And a good part of it we spent in complete wonderment and amusement at the little things the tyke has learnt to do. At 15 months, he's:
- pointing at every single thing on 4 wheels and exclaiming "CAR!"
- learning that some "cars" are actually trucks and buses. So his best attempts are "twa" and "ba" respectively.
- recognizing a butterfly when he sees one, pointing at it, and saying "bah!"
- forever trying to get one foot into grandpa's slipper, and walking in it.
- rasping to mimic the rumble of a motorcycle engine whenever one passes, especially the spluttering motor of the postman's bike every afternoon round about 4pm
- climbing the bed frame to peek out of the window in the mornings, and saying "bur-" (he means "bird").

The list goes on.

I am so, so very grateful.

Surely the Lord is holding us tightly in His grace. And little Dylan too, who thrives under the care of the gramps.

Sadly, sadly though.

I find myself having to brave another separation, and yet another 30 hours of flying back over the Pacific.

This time, it will be for the final leg of the program, just another 8 more weeks till the end of term, with 4 group projects and 4 final papers to go.

The prospect of coming home soon, and spending time as a family once again is what will keep me going. Along with much hope, faith, and the prayers of so many so many friends who are keeping this family in their thoughts.

Thanks to all our dear friends!

Some photos of our time together this week:

mornings at the window

"let loose on the grass"
east coast park

"and on the sand"
at the beach with daddy

"on the path"
stick to the path!

Evidence that our son's getting ahead of himself way too early!

our underaged driverin daddy's shoes... literally that is!

"check out my cool blue bike - vroom vroom!"
my new bike!

finally - our verdict on little guy.
mommy's good little boy... most of the time.

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