Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fathers - read to your kids

Parents are the first teachers little persons get in their road to being educated, literate individuals.

In this month's LDonline, a publication for teachers and parents interested in what latest research has to say about helping children with learning disabilities, is this title:

The Father's role in their child's literacy development: k-3

Fathers and all fathers-to-be: your voice is a powerful thing to use. Children respond to their father's voice differently than to their mommy's. A father's voice inspires fear and awe, but it also has tremendous potential to bring untold comfort, assurance, and encouragement too.

In this article, fathers who read to their children and are more involved are said to make a positive impact on their later achievements in school.

What further incentive do we - being the kiasu Singaporean parents that we are - need to start yapping away with our little ones, eh?

Another useful resource for parents on helping their kiddies' literacy achievement:
Reading Rockets.

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