Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Story of D's Haircuts

As any parent would testify, getting a squirming toddler a haircut can be one harrowing experience for both the toddler and the scissor-handler. And we've decided that this is probably one battle that we'd be better off not fighting.

My folks advised that we could do it on our own, and they tried to explain to me over Skype how I should just hold D's hair up with me left hand like chop sticks and "cut downwards at a 45 degree angle to his head". It would have worked, I think, if my little one would only cooperate.

When the moment came, E and I set D in his high chair in the bath tub (to reduce mess and for easy cleaning up), I could only manage 3 snips before D started wriggling and squirming and screaming his head off. We had to stop, I think if we persevered his head really would have come off!

So, we ended up bringing D to the professionals.

In another genius stroke, we brought along the portable DVD player, all loaded and ready to play Hi-5's "Music Machine" - one of the little tyke's favorites. We thought it would distract D from the snipping and clipping going on around his head.

And it worked! Amen!

I'm concentrating real hard here, Aunty Katie here is real amused that I - this almost-2 year old monkey - can sit so still! Aunty Katie is thinking to herself - "I gotta get me one of them DVD players!"

Mommy's laughing at my real serious look - can't you tell? My furrowed eyebrows?

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  1. Hahaha...D looks so cute when he is serious! Nice haircut!