Friday, January 30, 2009

Shooting Hoops

Our son the aspiring basketballer

A very belated Ox Year greetings to all! =)

We've decided to bite the bullet and enrol D in the somewhat expensive Gymbaroo for this coming semester. Yesterday was Open Day at the Traralgon branch, so I took the little tyke down to see if he'd be keen on all the play equipment.

At the far end of the hall, he spied a little girl toddling up a series of steps to a platform with a netball-sized ball in hand, and shooting the ball through a hoop into a basket below.

Shouting "Ba-ketball! Ba-ketball!" he made a beeline for it, and was quite happily occupied there for the next half-hour. I never taught him the word basketball, I wonder where he picked it up from? Puzzling.

Wait for me, little girl!

Aiming before taking a shot

He shoots... he scores! Observe the many differently colored balls, and how he gets progressively sweatier with each shot!

After a successful shoot, look at me amble down to get another ball!

A more quiet pursuit saw him playing with a shape-sorting traffic cone...

Looks like he really wants mommy to sign him up for Gymbaroo here!
With the father looking to return to school this Monday, I guess this will be one way to distract the kid from suddenly not having Daddy around all the time.

We'll both be missing that, I think.

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