Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Pregnancy Brain"

I've a confession to make. Actually, two.

There is this quirky American TV sitcom called How I Met Your Mother that I really love watching. It's a guilty addiction I picked up in the months spent in Boston as a student. Alyson Hannigan who stars in the show and is currently pregnant - says she has a "pregnancy brain". A rather distressing thing to experience I think... you go about the day feeling "like a Koala bear where (you're) slightly stoned all the time and (you'll) say the wrong word".

Me too, me too!
All I want to do all day is lie in bed and listen to the clock on the wall go "tick-tock, tick-tock".

And Poor D has been practically dragging me around the house to get me to play with him - and because I've been feeling so lazy and Koala-like I've been looking at "shortcut" ways of entertaining him to buy myself more zone-out time.

Like searching for 1 to 3-minute long clips on Youtube with music and cute animals. And boy, are there a few! Just to share a couple of his favorites:

From Discovery Channel -

This is super cute:

This guy does a whole series of songs on different animals, and they're just brilliant. Here's one called the Toucan Song:

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