Saturday, June 06, 2009

Time with cousins big and little

It's hard to imagine that our pint-sized tot is already "gor gor" to two little boy cousins, half a year and 1 year younger than him.

In little D's maternal extended family, he's number 5 out of a brood of 7 (8-to-be!) grandchildren between my brothers and I. With so many playmates among him, that was certainly one thing we missed living in Australia - D having cousins big and small to play with.

So when the eldest, my sweet niece S turned 9-years-old last Thursday, it gave D a good chance to reunite with them for a good time of interacting and playing.


At the dinner table with cousin Sara - see any resemblance?
With cousin Sara

Oh, how my dear niece has blossomed into a pretty thing. And how my son, carried here by gong gong, is resolutely eyeing those candles on that cake!
Eyeing S's chocolate birthday cake

What truly took the cake that evening, though, was seeing him and little J dance to a tune from the Hi-5 video. Total cuteness.

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