Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Wanted to post some pictures of the kids having a good time in Segamat with the maternal side of the family, but phone is refusing to successfully bluetooth the photos over, so I guess I'll save them for another post.

Will keep this one brief.

Found myself in two extremely uncomfortable positions all in one weekend. Firstly, we found money missing and I had to send our 5-month old helper back to the agency the very next morning. Second, a family tiff rended my heart almost in two on the night of CNY reunion dinner.

What stuck in my mind were these:

The T-shirt my helper wore when I sent her back to agency had the prints "Easy Come, Easy Go".

And the run-down, cigarette-smelling, cockroach-ridden motel that we stayed at in Segamat was called none other than "Harmony Hotel".

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  1. oh dear, danielle! sorry to read about your helper. thought you mentioned she was of quite good help... so have you managed to find a replacement?