Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mementoes - Past and Present

Recently, DM's grandma, E's mom, my MIL, made a present of a cute little anklet for DM.

Here it is:

What is special about this present is that E's own grandmother actually gave it to him some thirty years ago, and E. himself wore the anklet as a babe. We put it on DM for a few weeks, but got a little uncomfortable when one day we found that it includes a Taoist charm symbol with four chinese characters meaning "afraid of nothing".

Nonplussed, we thought it best to just take off the anklet altogther cos we don't wish to stumble any of our friends who may be weaker in the faith.

MIL was duly disappointed, though. Can't blame her, after all she waited 30 years to put it on her grandson. She even sent it to the jewelers to get it properly cleaned!

The happy compromise is that MIL will get the taoist charm replaced with a bell, so quite soon we should have little DM wearing his daddy's infant bracelet again!


One memento leads me to ponder over another ruckus that is being caused the very controversial documentary James Cameron - director of Titanic - is causing, purportedly of the archealogical finding of Jesus' bones in a family tomb with the remains of Mary and a son.

For those who did not read about it, here's the link:

Jesus: Tales from the Crypt

(The reactions to the article make great reading too - views from both extreme skeptics and believers, all 3745 comments together)

Thanks to one coffee too many yesterday, I admittedly lost some sleep over this. After all, the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of 2,000 years of Christian faith, our triumph against the sting of Death that sin brings.

I am rather ashamed of this though - why waver? Attacks against Christianity are neither new, nor convincing. How on earth can anyone claim to have proof that the remains are conclusively Jesus' if there is no DNA to compare against?

Doesn't take a PhD to know that.

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