Tuesday, April 24, 2007

At the beach


Last week, we took a short break from the big move to spend a morning at the beach with WK and little Noah. WK, like me, was going back to work and we thought we should have breakfast at the beach on a weekday morning one final time.

A little luxury that we indulge ourselves in while the rest of the working world shuffle off to their offices.

The sun was out in full tropical blast, and we took the opportunity to protect Dylan's little head with a cap that my dad bought in Segamat couple of weekends back:


Noah, who's 18 months, picked me as his playmate for the day. He came up to me each time, grabbed hold of my hand and led me to his little patch of sand. There's something so innocent and winsome about the way this little child endears himself to you, with his eyes full of expectation of nothing less that full compliance on my part. All I do is be led away, and follow.


Here are the pictures of us with the little one:

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