Monday, April 30, 2007

Remembering Uncle Fred

Uncle Fred, or Mr Fred Sabapathy, who founded Bethesda Frankel Estate Church, passed away last Thursday morning.

I'm not quite sure how old he was, but he certainly was a survivor, having lived through three heart attacks in 1978 and two years ago. Being rather new to this church, my only interaction with Uncle Fred was in Dylan's baby dedication on February 11 this year - his final one before his passing.

Uncle Fred's a familiar face at every baby dedication - and he makes it a point to lecture the parents on the significance of the event. That it isn't as much about commending our son to God, but as a declaration before the assembly that we, as husband and wife before the Lord, solemnly promise to bring this baby up in a Christian way.

So here's a picture of Dylan being dedicated - and a view of Uncle Fred, sadly his face is obscured:


That day, there were I think 10 or 11 babies, and Dylan was the very youngest at a wee 1.5 months old -

At his wake on Friday night, I had the privilege of singing a lovely chorus that anyone who knows him will recall as his very favourite little ditty.

It goes like this:

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
There's just something about that name!
Master, Saviour, Jesus,
Like the fragrance after the rain.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Let all heaven and earth proclaim
Kings and kingdoms will all pass away
But there's something about that name!

What touched me, personally, about this man was how well beloved he was, through his loving God's people. "Like the fragrance after the rain", this man's life has left a lasting fragrance on the people whom he's touched in his lifetime.

When I pass away, how lovely it would be if I can also leave this lingering fragrance upon those who know me. The rain may pass, but when the sun comes out again, the joy lingers on.


Here's something for mommies. A friend of mine, Louisa, struck upon a brilliant idea for nursing moms. A fashionable nursing poncho that can be used for discreet feeding in public, as a blanket or a simple fashion statement too.

She's also put up useful bite-sized tips and tools for mommies on her website, on baby products that she's tried out and works for her little one.

Check out her website:


Today, we go off to rehearse the wedding of friends who will wed this Saturday. Elroy's down (again!) with a bad bout of fever and cough, let's pray that the little one is protected against the flu bug!

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  1. _Uncle Fred was born 1921
    in Bagan Serai, Perak.
    ░ He was my late mother's
    elder brother. ` ☺_