Saturday, October 25, 2008

A 22-month update

At the playground yesterday, a girl on a swing - couldn't have been older than 10 - said something interesting to us.
Pointing to D who was playing on the swing beside her, she asked, "When did you born him?"

I said, "Almost two years ago now".

Her reply? "Two years is a long time!".

I thought to myself, is it now? I guess so! The girl had been carrying her pet cat, a brown tabby cat which kept trying to make a break for it, so I figured she might have likened having a baby to keeping a pet.

Yup, yesterday our little boy officially turned 22 months. In just two more months, he'll be all of two years old. Here's a quick update on how far he's come:

1.Gross Motor Skills: D's quite the runner now, and a competent climber too, always trying to balance on the top of the sofa and on his bed. Also, after our trip to the Grampians, he's into hopping around like a kangaroo. He finally figured out that jumping means taking both his feet off the ground.

2. Fine Motor Skills: still a struggle. Our little boy only recently had more patience to attend to drawing with his crayons. Previously, he would just make one or two rudimentary scratches on the paper. Now at least he can follow my cue and draw a straight line, and put more colour on the paper.

drawing crayola

But the crayons themselves still often prove more interesting!

3. Speech and Language: He's now picking up more words more quickly than ever before. More significantly, he's putting words together in meaningful phrases, like "One red car", or when he needs something, he goes "Mommy.... milk!" or "Mommy... stuck!", or when he's looking for something, like "Cat... where?".

4. Interests: Occasionally, he will dig in the kitchen cupboard, bring out the pots and pans and make a din.

gonna cook!
funny hat
"Look at my funny hat, mommy!"

A boy after his daddy's heart, the little one loves to help wash the car too.
dripping sponge
"First, you wet the sponge."
how big the sponge is
"Then, you get some of the suds all over yourself!"
"Hmm... this looks clean enuff to ya?"

Now that he understands a lot more language, he's more responsive to my verbal instructions... though at times he'll still throw a little tantrum here and there when things don't go his way! Here's a little clip to sum it all up. =)


  1. Did you make the video using iMovie?

  2. Yeah I did! How'd you guess? Very amateurish, hor?

  3. Dylan's the cutest 2 year old boy I know, officially. How did you manage to capture such beautiful expressions and moments so vividly?

  4. No... the video was very well done. It looks quite professional. What did you use the capture the video? Was it a proper video camera or your handphone?

  5. Hee hee... thanks, Lisa and SY! Just used my idiot proof Olympus digital camera for both the pics and the videos ... lots of attrition when taking snapshots of this little monkey! Just chose the best photos out of the lot.

  6. Wonderful video! Love reading your blog when I get the time to log on :) When did D start to use paints? Thinking of letting Isaac try paints. I have all these wonderful painting games and playdough games for him, just not introduced them to him yet! :)

    Take care!

  7. Hi Shireen, these hands-on activities are great for developing little dexterous fingers! I started Dyl when he was 18 months, but he couldn't sit down for long... no patience. I think girls are better at these things... but slowly and keep persisting!

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  9. Dylan is so cute in the video. Yes, he's still cute even when he is throwing temper and with his short fringe now =) When Ethan throws his temper, he starts lying on the floor (thank goodness he hasn't done that in public yet!)!