Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Term Break Destination: Grampians

It's been a little while since the last update. Here I am, nursing a chesty cough and head groggy from all the meds, and realizing that it can take a lot out of a person to just sit down and write, when all the person's body wants to do is collapse in a heap in bed.

But duty calls - so much to tell of the Koh family term break road trip!

One of our first destinations was to take a 200km scenic drive up northwest from Melbourne city to Hall's Gap, a natural feature among the highland ridges that has come to be known as The Grampians. E had booked us a cottage in one of the retreats, and it came with its own furnace too.

One of the scenic spots we stopped at was near the foot of Mt Sturgeon and Mt Abrupt - both of which reminded me somewhat of waves breaking near the coast:

Mounts Sturgeon and Abrupt
Sitting astride his father's broad shoulders, the little one felt as tall as the mountains themselves.

Dylan was a little angel through the car ride, sleeping some of the way, and spending the rest of the time watching Cars and Finding Nemo on the DVD player.

Tucked away in a corner of Hall's Gap was our cottage retreat - quite a grand sight when you see it surrounded by the tall hills all around us.

Guess our surprise and delight at finding the resident kangaroos in our own front and backyards! Well, the road sign did say "Kangaroos, next 30km!". We had to do all we could to remind the little tyke that the animals are wild, so you don't just go running after them for a quick pet.

There were quite a few walking trails about the nature reserve, so after settling in the first night we drove around with our lunches packed and the toddler backpack carrier in the car boot.

The little one laughs at being able to kick back and enjoy the ride while his parents slug onwards with him upon their backs...

First stop: A lookout that rewarded visitors with a magnificent view of Hall's Gap from the top of the mountain ridges.
Despite its breath-taking height, Dylan was more interested in sticking his feet through the safety rails and causing his mommy's heart to jump right out of her mouth. Thankfully a couple of other boys soon diverted his interests.
See the cheeky look on his face!

At McKenzie's Falls, the steep descent led visitors to the base of the falls, where they could just bask in its beauty, and not a few splashes of refreshing cool water.

Our toddler sure wanted a piece of the action.

Unfortunately, the only way to get back to the car was to take the same steep route back up, no easy feat when you've got an almost 12kg load on your 2kg backpack!

Yet another lookout point. By this point mommy is beat after a 1km trek to get there. Phew.

By the time we got back to the cottage, it was time for Daddy to light the fire and make our home of 2 nights toasty and warm. If I must say so myself, this is yet another reason why I love the Daddy so much - proving himself yet again Mr Handyman around the house. Great job, Daddy-O!

All that walking didn't dampen the mood of our little tyke, either. He still had it in him for a few cheeky smiles to Daddy and the camera! Man, I do live for these moments. =)

Ok, More in another post - my body is reminding me that it wants to be in bed. Now.

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