Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Highlights

If all seems quiet on this front lately, it is partly because we've bought our tickets to fly back in June, and have been busy counting down the 3 months to hitting the bak chor mee, wanton mee, kway chap stalls... and of course, reuniting with friends and family after a year.

Happily, I've also managed to secure a place for Dylan in BFEC's pre-nursery class commencing in July. For 3 hours daily, our frisky toddler will be with fellow pre-pre-schoolers, and gaining hopefully some structure and discipline, and oh Mandarin too. Plus, it will help relieve grandma and grandpa of toddler duty a few hours a day.

It's funny that just as we are preparing for life back in Singapore, things have settled into a nice, busy-ish routine over here.

Playgroup on Mondays, Gymbaroo on Tuesdays, swimming lessons every Friday - and being preggo I've often slipped into a kind of 'Auto-Pilot' mode, going through the motions without much thought. Truth be told I've been more pre-occupied with the worries of issues to settle once we're back - like finding a gynae, re-orientating D to a life without mommy nearby 24/7 etc.

It took watching Adam Sandler in the movie "CLICK" on telly the other night to make me conscious of this fact, and still I've had to muster tremendous discipline to sit my butt down and blog about this.

In the movie, a magic Universal Remote control falls into the hands of Adam Sandler's character, and he finds himself fast-forwarding through life to get ahead in work, only to realize at the end of it he's missed the most important bits - the times with his family.

Friends, are you fast-forwarding through life on auto-pilot mode, and missing the moments that take your breath away, or that cause you to look back to God and fall on your knees?

I'm realizing that just as much as I look forward to life back in the "Real World" - as a working mom, preparing to deliver number 2, getting D school ready - there is just as much, if not more, reason to treasure the here and now.

(No offense intended to my full-time mommy friends... taking care of the littlies is just as REAL and takes hard work! Just that in my case this year away from work still sometimes feels too good to be true...)

So here, in this post, is a celebration of all the mundane things this little one has been up to, things that I am going to miss so painfully when I return to work.

For example, sitting in his stroller on Sunday afternoon after church at the local foodcourt, and waiting to for lunch to be served:
Lunch ready yet?

And taking a pre-bedtime traipse around the house on his trike:
On my trike

This morning turned out to be pretty warm. Heeding the potty training advice of some playgroup mommies, I let Dylan loose in our backyard with nary a pant on, so he gets used to being diaper-less.

I've had to be a bit more selective about which pictures to post, to protect our dear one's modesty - but gosh some are just so hilarious and cute!

Here he is inspecting our garden hose:
Inspecting the garden hose

Do you think he has the makings of a future tennis champ? Here he's broken all of Wimbledon's dressing protocol, of course. =)

The pantless tennis player

Inspecting the ball

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