Saturday, September 12, 2009

And then there were four.

From this:
us with our eldest
To this:

It's been almost two weeks since baby GS Koh arrived, just three days after the Daddy made a surprise early flight back from Melbourne. As I'm posting this (much much belated!) blog entry I can't help but feel so very grateful to God, our friends and family.

So many prayers answered. A true testimony to how being specific in our prayer can be a powerful thing.

Answered Prayer #1: The timing of G's arrival couldn't have been better - have been praying hard that the husband will be back in time for the delivery, and indeed he was! In fact, E was so enthusiastic about documenting the delivery process for his medical school's PBL next year that he even asked me to smile as he whipped out his camera oblivious to the fact that I was lying on the delivery bed in the throes of a contraction!

Answered Prayer #2: In order to qualify for paid maternity leave, I had needed to be in active service for 90 days. Baby G arrived on Day 91.

Answered Prayer #3: We had prayed against the water bag rupturing, as it meant that I would have had to induce the labour with oxytoxin. I wanted to go through the stages of labour naturally, and know what contractions felt like. At 5am on 30 August, that's exactly what happened. By the time we got to the delivery ward at 7am, they came on fast and furious at 2-3 minutes apart, lasting each time for about a minute. Thankfully, I was only 3-4cm dilated.

Which means there was time for - you guessed it - epidural. "Yes, please, give me the epidural NOW NOW NOW!"

Answered Prayer #4: Having gone through a painful healing process from episiotomy three years ago, I told Dr Y that I was prepared to risk a tear this time round. Indeed, while there were a couple of minor tears, the healing has been much less uncomfortable.

Answered Prayer #5: The support for Dylan - friends would know that I've spent months worrying about how D will cope with the intrusion of a little one. Though living with the grandparents have eased the transition, the addition of our helper, Ed. has been a godsend. Little D calls her "Tita Rina" (mispronoucing her name, unfortunately but she doesn't seem to mind), and altogether they've been great at keeping him occupied and out of my hair when I need to tend to little one.

In fact, little D's been a pretty good gor gor all things considered. =)


So, what do you think? Do the brothers look alike?

D at 3 weeks old:

G at 1 week old:

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  1. i follow your blog on and off...and am so happy for your new arrival! congrats!! :)