Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Three weeks on.

Thanks to all our dear friends for the gifts and well-wishes! Hard to believe that in a week's time, our second bundle of joy will turn a full month old.

This mommy is feeling well-rested and rejuvenated, having been pampered in the last three weeks with post-natal massage, jamu wrap and yummy confinement food.

Same can't sadly be said for baby G. Even after a 3-day stay in KK's Nursery Ward 71 for intensive photo-therapy, and three weeks back at home on breastmilk supplemented with formula and a daily dose of morning sun, little G is still jaundiced. =(

Tomorrow will be his nth visit to the polyclinic to test for his serum bilirubin level. Poor little thing will get his heel pricked for the nth time to draw the blood out for the test, though our little trooper has not even winced each time.

Meantime, the brothers have been bonding a little bit. Gor gor D has shown some regression, throwing some baby-ish tantrums and such, but so far so good.

Here's a shot of the brothers bonding - well actually more like D looking amused while "di di" has his diapers changed:

Brothers bonding

A sleepy G after a feed taken just this afternoon with my Samsung Jet phone:
Sleepy G

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  1. hey Danielle,
    good to hear you are enjoying your confinement! =) and dylan looks like he's enjoying didi's company too! don't worry too much about g's jaundice, maybe his is breastfeeding jaundice like joel. joel was jaundiced for more than 2 months and we were so relieved when his liver function test showed everything was ok =)