Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Malacca - Mother's Day 12-13 May 2007

Two weeks into starting work again, we decided to make a cell group road trip up to Malacca.

It's Dylan's second foray into Malaysia, and although I was vaguely worried about whether he'll last the 3hour drive, it was really exciting to have everyone, including little Luke join us.

Photographs are courtesy of Sing Yeong and Arene. =)

The group of us before setting off to an exciting weekend away -

It was a hot hot afternoon and I feared for Dylan's tender skin!

Going up the little hill that used to overlook Merdeka Square (before they razed it to build an huge underground shopping mall. Talk about demolishing historical sites!)

At the top of the hill, where the remains of St Francis Xavier's church stands, and little Dylan basking in the tropical Malacca heat (believe me, mommy was sweating more!) -
churchruins2church ruins3

Mother's Day celebration for CE, Luke, Dylan and I, and tiramisu cake which turned out to be just sponge cake, with neither rum, coffee, or sponge fingers -

Sunday morning at yum cha place next to the mosque. Yummelicious!
dim sum place

More food places - claypot bak kut teh (teochew style) at Taman Melaka Raya & Serempang, JB:
bak kut teh 2jb feast

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