Thursday, June 21, 2007

Starting Solids

We started Dylan on solids around the time he turned 5 months, at first with very diluted rice cereal once a day, and slowly adding less milk till he takes it as a smooth paste.

Last Friday, at his 6th month check and third immunisation jab, the ped said that we can start feeding him solids more regularly as he can afford to put on more weight.

So I steamed potatoes and mashed it through a sieve, enough to last for a week. Poor baby - within days he became badly constipated, and grandma had to "help" dislodge the hard pellets of baby poo out.

Yesterday was particularly concerning, cos I could tell that he was trying to push something out but nothing came out. The grandparents called Elroy (he was in the middle of his 18-hole game with my Dad), and asked if we should send him in to see the doc.

They tend to worry a lot - Dyl's granma and granpa, but I guess with nothing much else to do other than take care of their grandson I can't blame them for being overly concerned.

Here's a pic of them three after Mother's Day dinner:

So E and I prayed hard on our walk back from dinner with Jacinda and Kevin.

And lo and behold, the minute we got home, I spied an odd scent coming from our baby, and true enough, a diaper full of poo!

I read Lai Yong's chapter on Psalm 62, about what are some things we find most difficult to wait for.

He talks about what one soft-spoken farmer from Lisu shared. He said that it was most difficult to wait when all the grains in the store have been eaten, and the grains in the fields are still in their stalks, but are not ready to be harvested. So while waiting, they stay hungry, and wonder at how much longer before their tummies can be filled.

It made me think.

We often want to rush growing up, don't we. Not just for our babies but even for ourselves.

Little Dylan's digestive system is still slowing maturing, but of course his mouth and taste buds don't know that yet, happy is he chomping away at mommy's special mashed potatos. So he too, needs to wait, and allow a bit of waiting time before trying a range of other solid foods.

Similarly, only before God's presence can my soul be still, and be silent before my maker.

"My soul finds rest in God alone;
my salvation comes from him.
He alone is my rock and my salvation;
he is my fortress, I will never be shaken."

- Psalm 62:1-2

This week, I pray that we can gently wait for God to mature the digestive tract inside our baby boy, and be rested in our harried souls.

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