Friday, July 06, 2007

An Ode to LSCs

I wrote a poem today. We're busy preparing for MOE ExCEL Fest next Friday, and the Learning Support Coordinators and their EL teacher counterparts were hard at work perfecting the presentation.

Mary Poppins Couldn't Have Done It Better

A Learning Support Coordinator is like Mary Poppins
With her inimitable black bag.

She greets the class with a great big grin,
And out of her bag pops

All the tricks and tools a child needs
to read

The sentence maker, with its bits and bobs
Great big charts, the Elkonin box
And out comes the cue cards
The "-k" and the "-cks"

Vowel sounds,
The syllables they count,
Both long and short.

Magnetic tokens, please,
Before you see print
To help the weakest in our cohort!

"Blend to read!"
"Segment to spell!"
So says Ms LSC with an excited yell.

She waves her fingers in the air
And says, "Children,
Spelling is NOT a nightmare!"

It's the way she sprinkles her words
With her winsome smile
Like sugar in the medicine
That's my Mary Poppins,

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