Monday, July 23, 2007

Different Faces of a Visa Mug Shot

Quick one - two wednesdays ago, we went down to the embassy to be interviewed for our J-class visa application.

Before you can make an appointment electronically via the US Embassy website, you first need to fill in a thousand and one forms. And no, they don't accept just any passport photos. The ones you submit must be 5cm by 5cm, so that you can be seen from chest up.

Try taking a visa photo of a frisky 6-month old, and you'll be rewarded with his many facial expressions -

"Watcha lookin' at?"
Different Faces (US visa) 1
"How long is this going to take again?"
Different Faces (US visa) 2
"I can look cheerful... if I want"
Different Faces (US visa) 3
"My impression of Grandpa without his teeth"
Different Faces (US visa) 4
"Haha.. stop that! You're making me laugh!"
Different Faces (US visa) 5

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