Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Maternal Feelings

I find myself gazing endlessly at Dylan as he sleeps, completely oblivious to the emotions he's causing in me to emerge.

I watch him... and my heart floods with love.

Never felt this way about anything, or anyone before.

I suppose I can put it down to the fact that at 6 months plus, his personality is now more formed, and his individual uniqueness as a little person dawns on me more now, than ever before.

The fact that at six months, he demonstrates an awesome receptive vocab - when grandma asks "Dylan, where's the butterfly?", and he turns to look at the two fake butterflies clipped to the bamboo blinds in our porch.

And when I ask him "Dylan, where's the banana?" in the kitchen, his eyes turn to the bunch of yellow fruit hanging by the side of the kitchen.

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