Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Day in the Life of.

If you ever wonder what the good life looks like, look no further than a day in the life of young Dylan to find examples.

He was a good boy today - woke at the very sane hour of 8.30am, enjoyed a lukewarm bowl of cereal, followed by a trip to the neighborhood grocer's to help mommy stock up the pantry. The trip sure worked up an appetite, because right when we came back he wolfed down a slice of bread and cheese!
Eating Cheese

Lunch consisted of last night's cottage pie (see picture), and off to bed it is again with a bottle of milk until Daddy returned home at 4, after which we brought the little one out for a walk to the uni in the brisk winter air.
Cottage Pie
My attempt at cottage pie (beef mince casserole under mashed potato) - on our dining table in the kitchen

To earn his "keep" - the little one had to demonstrate the following skills today:
1) Roll on the floor on command. (Sounds like dog-training, but he really did roll for the fun of it!)
2) Successfully drink warm apple juice from his sippy cup without spilling (sippy cup courtesy of Uncle HS and Auntie YM from Boston!)

Drinking Apple Juice

3) Go up and down the stairs to the front yard all by himself, by holding onto the side of the railing leading up to the front door.
4) Point out to mommy that the birdie in the backyard just "mm-mm'ed" (poo-ed) under our lemon tree.

The neighborhood we're in is really rather quiet. Just to illustrate, here we are walking in the park which is literally 10 minutes from our front door:
Walk around the neighborhood
As rural as it sounds, the place really isn't so far flung as to be without many creature comforts and nearby amenities to enjoy. The town center comprises two parallel rows of single-story shops, post office, Watson/CVS-like pharmacy, hairdresser, fish & chippery, and a supermarket. Although that doesn't sound like much, it's enough for me. For now.

What I'm enjoying about our cosy little nook here in Churchill is the space we have for the little one to flop about with his new toys!
My toys!

Every day is still a new experience for this mommy and I would guess the toddler too - trying to get into a routine of sorts. What helps is the few hours I get to myself, like now, when he is asleep. I'm sometimes flooded by an immense gratitude in moments like these - when I just realize how many people I have to be thankful for.

In the days, months, leading up to this, I've had so many friends offer words of encouragement and practical advice (thanks, TJMummy!). Friends who dropped a message via the blog or facebook or Skype, or even called from overseas (D, KH, M, E, B., L., J.) when I felt sad, friends who spent time with me and gave Dylan pressies (KH&KP, K&J, H&Y, S), helped out in practical ways (KH&KP) and friends who just offer a listening ear, and a prayer when I needed it most.

I wish there was a way I could express our thanks beyond the long long sentence I just completed typing out!

E, Dylan and I are blessed to be so very much supported by our family, our cell group, our church and our dear, dear friends. Though the days are cold (the winds are blustering outside now as I type this), these thoughts truly warm my heart.

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