Friday, July 04, 2008

Days 1 to 3 in Melbourne and Churchill

E beat me to it - breaking the first news and photos of our initial days here in Oz, so some of what I'm posting here is already old news. In a nutshell, it's been a fun first few days here with the Daddy, and we have all the photos to prove it!

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My biggest worry coming over to Australia was what I should get from the grocer's and whether Dylan would eat my cooking. Thankfully, other than a definite preference for all things potato in the shape of little sticks people call "french fries" and "chips", our little one is eating well and drinking his milk.

How do I know? He's been poo-ing about twice daily, on average! All parents will know what I'm talking about - it's simple Math, really, what goes in must come out, nothing to baulk over. =)

Some things we've been scoffing down our throats -

Our first home-made breakfast on Day 2: Daddy's modified french toast - using ready-made pancakes!

Flat white at the Blue Train Cafe, Southbank

Dylan's perennial favorite, baby yoghurt, though here he's just staring straight into Daddy's camera:

A treat at Iimis Cafe - baby chino for just 50c! Essentially, it's just steamed milk with a marshmallow on the side - mostly foam from the steaming, and a little bit of warm milk and chocolate powder on top.

Yummy savory crepe-like dish-whose-name-I've-forgotten-though-the-taste-was-totally-memorable:
Sausage in pita & chips.JPG

Dylan's first ever trip to the zoo was exciting for him! First encounters at the Melbourne Zoo included coming up close and personal with big cats - three handsome male lions, a snow leapord, a jaguar - lizards, wombats, giraffe, zebras and emus. Midway through our visit, after he saw a bunch of wombats all cosied up sleeping in their den, Dylan decided enough was quite enough and promptly fell asleep. So that's how he missed out on the elephant exhibit and a beautiful orang utan enclosure. Ah well.

At the zoo entrance.

Can't take my eyes off those beasts - what brutes! what beauty!

Erm... mommy, what were we supposed to see again?

Check out my impression of an emu - impressive, no?

So who do I look like more - mommy or daddy?

some giraffes and an emu

with daddy, oh, and a couple of zebras and a giraffe too.

After D's nap, was playtime at the zoo's kidzone!

We headed out to Churchill on Wednesday - a long drive, and I got a taste of what E's been talking about when he mentioned how rural it was out here. But it's populated enough to have a few decent joints and playground facilities for the little one! After lunch yesterday, off we went to another playground nearby in Tarralgon:


Love the looks on both the boys!

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