Monday, June 23, 2008

Flying the Singapore Flyer

I'll be the first to admit.

When I found out that Singapore was going the way of London in building our own Ferris Wheel tourist trap, I groaned in disbelief. How unoriginal and kitschy can we get?

But then, that was before the baby arrived.

Before you know it, here I am, morphed into a parent looking for more stimulating experiences to offer a frisky and highly curious 18-month-old, and a way to allow the family to spend some quality time outdoors together.

That is the story of how we decided one morning to claim my Asia Miles for a family package to visit the Singapore Flyer. Really, taking a trip up the Singapore Flyer fits the bill perfectly, because:

1) It's round, and it turns. The boy loves everything that turns!
2) The glass-all-around capsule you get into kind of reminds you of stepping into a giant milk bottle. (ok, so I'm stretching the comparison a little.)

And most important of all,

3) It fulfills the boy's craving to climb great heights, without the commensurate danger of falling and hurting himself.

And, to be fair, the view is pretty spectacular.

More on our Singapore Flyer experience!

Here, the mommy and boy:

And the grandpa soaking in the Saturday morning sunshine and view of the Singapore skyline.

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