Thursday, June 05, 2008

Commencement, and JK Rowling

On this day, in a few hours' time, over a thousand graduating doctoral and master students from the Harvard Graduate School of Education will be filing down Appian Way to receive their certificates.

Some who are parents will have their toddlers and infant-in-arms amble up the stage, with them, to the cheers of their attending family and friends.

And later in the day, still in their full Harvard crimson regalia, many of my friends will be joining the frenzy of other graduating students from other Harvard schools (and the press) to listen to JK Rowling, famed author of the Harry Potter wizard series, speak at The Yard.

"If Harvard Were Hogwarts"

As mortar boards are thrown in the air, and champaigne bottles are popped, little old me will be waking up to another new day.

Hopefully with less ado than this morning, when the little tyrant decided that 6am was plenty late to get up and join in the pre-dawn chorus of the birds outside the house.

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