Sunday, June 15, 2008

A family re-united.

It was a sweet, but surreal, family reunion.

Saturday afternoon, Dylan and I found ourselves rushing to the "Arrivals" boards in T3 only to find that we were in the wrong terminal. 15 minutes later, after rushing back to the car and driving to Terminal 2, the father of our son walks through the gate to a son smiling shyly at him and then excitedly running all over in the arrival hall.

Dylan's not been able to stop saying "Daddy" since.

Our happiness is also mixed with worry and some stress these few days, as the father in law was admitted into hospital the night before with some swelling in the gums. The swelling has gone down somewhat now, and the scans that are performed today will tell us more about why it occurred in the first place.

The grandma has been tired traveling to and from the hospital, spending her days with the grandpa, and we're making alternative childcare arrangements for these couple of days.

We are really thankful to my parents for making themselves always available to take care of a frisky 18-month-old, and my family too. Tomorrow, Dylan will get to spend his day with cousins Christy (5), Sara (3), Ryan (11-months), and cousin-once-removed Steffi (approx 6-months).

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