Sunday, June 22, 2008

Family portrait

We're on a mission this week.

In view of our imminent 12 months ahead of home-cooked food made by yours truly, the husband and toddler are super keen to stuff our faces with as much local yummies as possible.

Just to give a quick snapshot of what this meant for us just this past weekend:
1) First meal: Kway Chap (braised pork innards, meat, tofu with flat rice noodles)
2) Lunch: Imperial Treasure 小笼包,拉缅
3)Dinner at WestLake with the Chen Family: Kong Bak Bau (braised pork belly in steamed bun), chili crab, fu yong dan (fried omelette), steamed tofu, roast chicken
4) Sunday Lunch: Rindo set at Waraku
5) Sunday Dinner: Seafood Hor Fun, Crab bee hoon, Crab in XO noodle soup, prawn paste chicken, Pai Guat Ong (sweet pork ribs), wolfberries in spinach soup, hot plate sambal sotong...


I'm sorry to say that this will be a hard act for me to follow, having never been a stay-at-home mom/cook in my life. Need prayer - for more forgiving taste buds and better culinary skills on my part!

The nice thing about dinner on Saturday was having the Chen tribe altogether. We took the opportunity to take a family portrait at CY&A's place.

What a blessed family we are.

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