Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day out at the Playhouse

In a town about 45km from here, is a big old warehouse building retrofitted to contain three themed bouncy castles including "The Incredibles" and "Monsters Inc", and a humongous playstructure and a variety of kid-friendly toys.

In short, it was wonderland for my 20-month old, and it lasted for two hours on Thursday, when I took him to Giggles Playhouse in Warragul. It was part of the Thursday play-group outing, and all moms paid $6 entrance fees for their littlies to enter.

And, after countless times of reviewing his video two weeks ago, he's also mustered enough courage to zip down the slide by himself, finally!

The huge floor was spotted with buggies, tricycles and kid-friendly toy cars, so no prizes for guessing what D zoomed in for.

Getting in and out of my vehicle

Starting small:

And then graduating to the bigger one:

Very soon, he was joined by a steady stream of fellow pilgrims ascending Mount Slide:
Ascending Mount Slide

I'm falling I'm falling!

Most of the time, he still liked to play by himself, quietly, as seen here, with the fire truck and a ramp.
favorite truck - the fire engine

Crossing the plank suspended by a fabric netting:
cool suspension bridge

"This feels wobbly, but mommy says it's safe!"
wobbly but safe

Or this:
Quiet games

At times, though, he's joined by a fellow player, here he is with one sweet little girl!

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