Sunday, September 07, 2008

Father's Day 2008 - Take Two

7 September was Australia's Father's Day, and the mailers we've been receiving in our box and television commercials have spared no effort in reminding us to get something special for our dads.

So to fathers everywhere - keep up the great job! To the grand-dads, we miss you, and thanks for everything, once again!

Dylan's daddy deserved a treat too.

To celebrate this occasion (the second time this year - the first was in June, following the American calendar), Dylan made a special card for him. That means getting his little fingers into goo-ey paint, which is excellent for developing fine motor control. Oh, and the reading specialist in me would like to also add that activities such as these involving paper and markings build that all-important concept of print, a stepping stone to reading and writing literacy!

Step 1. First dibs in the palette!
mom? is this alright?

icky fingers

Step 2. Find innovative ways of transferring paint to paper.
dabbling in paint

Step 3. Review masterpiece - check for spelling errors. Was that "Dajee" or "daddie" now?

Step 4. Scare mommy by looking as though I'm going get my fingers all over the furniture now.

He also became Daddy's little helper by chipping in with washing the car. Anyone who knows the daddy knows how much the car means to him, after all!

"Hmm, let me get this spot out of the rim"

"Mommy, can you come check if this is clean enough?"


"Me, my Dad, and his freshly-washed baby gleaming in the evening sun!"

Love my daddy. =)

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