Monday, April 06, 2009

D's Malapropisms

I am amused to no end by D's malapropisms - you see he's not yet learned to pronounce many words properly yet - so what happens is he sounds like he's actually saying something else altogether... which can be pretty funny.

Here are some. When he says, "big yodel", he means he wants to watch a "video", when he says "dish shway", he means "this way", when he says "tradition", he means "train station", "capital" means "caterpillar", "jar beige truck" means "garbage truck" and "tow night" means "豆奶".

My favorite is when he sings "Eensy Weensy Spider". Today, I finally got it captured on video to last for perpetuity - hahaha! (evil parent laugh.)

His words:
"Eensy 'pider/ Water come out/
Down rain wash 'pider out/
Out sun dried up rain/
Eensy 'pider gain"

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