Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

One evening was taking D out for a walk in the neighborhood when we stopped for a chat with R who lives down the road with his wife and four kids.

Seeing the little active tyke, he suggested getting D a helmet when he cycles out on the road. Seeing sense in his advice, I did just that this weekend.

Here he is taking out his new rocket-and-alien ship themed sports helmet for a test ride:
Looking smart in my helmet!

On Sunday, we headed down to Fidgets again, this time at the invitation of his cousins for their joint birthday party.

Fidgets is an indoor playground for young toddlers to go crazy in. It also caters to parents who want to just find a place where they can order a coffee, sit down and read the papers or the magazine, and just chill while their kids run amok. It's very much like Puff's Magical Playhouse in Traralgon, just smaller and a lot more expensive - at $15 per entry.

I had actually brought D and my helper E there a week before to "recce" the place, so the photos below are from both visits:

At Fidgets with cousinsWith cousins at fidgets (2)The birthday girlsPhoto0153.jpgPhoto0148.jpgPhoto0147.jpg

Here he is trying to blow the candles off his cousin's birthday cake!


  1. There's one at dempsey road too..but really crowded weekends

  2. The one at Dempsey is Go Go Bambini. I've tried that one, Fidgets, the one at Explorer Kids at Pasir Ris, and the so called "largest indoor playground in Sg" at SAFRA Jurong.
    I didn't like SAFRA's cos the ball shooting machine was way too loud.
    I think Explorer Kids is quite varied but too spread out (doesn't help when my boys want to try different things at the same time), and expensive (and far!).
    Bambini is very crowded (like what the prev commenter said) and smaller than Fidgets. Although you can get a mani and pedicure there while the kids play (hee).
    So I think Fidgets is still a good deal (parking is easy there, better than all the others).

  3. interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter.