Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Time with the Eldest

I've forgotten how much I enjoy gazing at my newborn while cradling him in my arms.

At 5+ weeks, he's acquired quite a repertoire of noises. Other than the "I'm hungry, feed me!", or "carry me" pitchy cries, this little cutie is full of grunts, snorts, coohs and aahs - amazing noises that emit from him sometimes even with his mouth closed, or when he's at the breast.

Each noise is accompanied by a different facial expression. He winks his eyes open one at a time - for example - and I love his scowling, smiling, wrinkling his little nose up. It's these little things that the Daddy has been missing, sadly.

Still, we make do the best we can.

The funny thing about being mom to number 2 is that - something apparently all parents experience - we're still more concerned with number 1: how is he taking to the baby, his feelings, his well-being, his growth, his development. Was just sharing with friends yesterday that D's cries will still raise my blood pressure a whole lot more than G's cries, and it's not just because he's a lot louder!

I guess it's also because now that D has lost his monopoly over the mommy, the time we get to spend together has become a more precious commodity. So I'm making it a point to make sure D still spends quality time with me.

Some highlights from last week include another trip to Vivocity, and D's first foray (and hopefully the last!) into cross-dressing:

Observe how water falls!

Fill 'er up! Photo0121.jpg

Checking out the bling

What happens when you let loose your nieces on your son

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