Thursday, October 15, 2009

Watching them grow

A friend messaged me today and asked in passing if Dylan was enjoying school.

It's now almost three months to his third birthday. He's barely 3!

In some societies it can seem perverse to subject such little ones to a life of regiment, albeit for only three hours a day.

He's in his uniform at 1110hrs sharp, gets in the car by 1115hr and the minute I arrive at the school's main gate and stop the car at around 1120hr, troops of pre-school teachers promptly open the car door and briskly whisk him out and off into the premises.

Within seconds, they flag me to drive off hastily, forcing me to disregard his screaming and crying in the process. (There's one teacher who has a real "evil eye" - in one look she makes me feel like I'm guilty of the heinous crime of holding up traffic!)

The only teachers he will acquiesce to escorting him inside is Mrs C and Mrs H. I feel so sorry for him sometimes!

Still, in spite of his protests I can see him growing socially and verbally because of school, and I trust that at some level he enjoys having friends and teachers to interact with.

I guess what makes it hard is realizing how fast he is growing and how much of it I've been missing out on.

Here's the difference between the infant-toddler years and the schooling years: in my child's first two years (especially if you are a stay-home mom), I can see growth on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis.

Suddenly, when the early educators step in and I outsource the nurturing, or when I re-enter the workforce, our child comes home saying new things, behaving differently, and I find myself asking - when did this happen?

Soon, my little boy will be introduced to the rigors of mainstream schooling, well before I'm ready for him to.

I guess this only makes the time I have with G these remaining two-plus months all the more precious.

In his 7th week, baby G is learning to smile genuinely, sleep for longer periods through the night, and thank God his jaundice has cleared.

He also has enough head support to be propped up against the sofa, so he has a better view of the world, which by the looks of it, he seems fascinated by:

Here's a term I picked up watching American's Next Top Model - "Smizing". It means smiling with your eyes. G's mastered that already, hey!

Ok, this one's a little harder to interpret. Is he contemplating the deep mysteries of the universe?


Or maybe he's just drifting off to slumber land...