Thursday, February 15, 2007

Day 1 - at the hospital

27 Dec 2006.
Spent the night before at KK - cold, uncomfortable, legs still heavy with the after-effects of the epidural. Recall being deluged with friends and family visiting DM and cooing over him after we were wheeled from the delivery suite to the ward around lunch time Boxing day, and at the same time being very, very tired.

E and I were totally blown away by the well-wishes that came - especially from the cell group and friends from church. My own family was there, complete with the three nieces and nephew, eager to look at the new addition to the extended family.

And of course, the excited first-time grandparents. And E, learning to swaddle DM, practised his newfound daddy skills over and over again, wrapping and unwrapping him in KK's signature blue swaddling cloth.

We decided to check out of hospital the very next day cos' the doctors (gynae and ped) gave the all-clear. Plus I didn't fancy another night in an uncomfortable hospital bed, having E spend another night in the ward, and taking hospital food. I totally get why hospitals, even if you're there for a joyous event as this, are dreary places for the convalescing.

I was pretty disappointed looking at myself in the mirror - that post-pregnancy bulge still showing, and my wan, colourless face telling of a really long delivery that I'd much rather forget!
To quote E, after being with me through the whole thing from Christmas morning when we found that my waterbag broke - he said "this makes Saving Private Ryan a walk in the park"!

Here's a picture of the proud grandparents!

E still looks fresh tho he hardly slept the night before! Must be the magic of carrying your own little bundle of joy.

Among family and friends - what better way to celebrate?

Here's me looking more cheerful than I actually was - dead-tired, that is.

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