Monday, February 19, 2007

First Few Days

DM's first bath - the quintessential naked photo that all parents will inevitably end up showing their children's girlfriends to their sons' great embarrassment. (evil grin) DM is screaming his head off in this picture, poor thing!

Ok back to documenting DM.

The first few days of his life saw very few hours of sleep for both of us – so in many ways it went by in a total blur.

With the new year just round the corner, E had to run off to late-night drinking parties, and the New Year’s Eve countdown at Marina Bay. We took down the Christmas tree, and sent DM to the clinic three times over two weeks to ensure that his bilirubin level doesn't go above 200.

And other than learning to cope with this new person in the bedroom and his erratic night-sleep, I had to complete my 3,000 word personal statement and submit the online application to Harvard School of Ed before 2 Jan 07. Phew! Will know the results in April.

Still, I’m grateful we had time to have friends come over, and I even managed to sneak out for a dinner or two (especially loved our escapade to Sakae Sushi on Day 5!)

Seng, Joy and Jill before our escapade.

My dear friends Norani and Cheryl from work.

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