Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nine Weeks and a Wedding Anniversary

Last evening, we decided to persuade E's mom and dad to go out as a family unit - both of them, two of us, and little DM.

The outing marked the inaugural family dinner outside of WMC road - previously, they've been reluctant to, not wanting to expose the little tyke to the hot Singaporean weather and hawker centre environment.

We ate at ECP's hawker centre, ordering "zi cha" from one of the stall owners whom my inlaws were long-time patrons of. Dylan sat quietly in his maclaren stroller watching on, and drifting in and out of sleep.

So when my Dad-in-law confessed yesterday that 26 Feb was also their 41st wedding anniversary, I was really surprised and glad! 41 years of marriage is no joke, not in this day and age.

How wonderful that yesterday also marked Dylan's nine weeks.

He said it with a little smile playing on his face, a glint in his eyes belies his joy as a first-time granddad. E remarked that he's seen him smile more frequently in the nine weeks DM's been here than in the whole of last year.

What joy little ones bring.

DM is 56.5cm long, and 5.3kg.

At his 6-in-1 vaccination last Friday, the ped said that he's a well-proportioned boy, and making good progress in his movements and reflexes.

Again, I am reminded to be thankful for the little things that show us that God watches over us.

Here are some photos that mark Dylan's progress over the last two months, starting from when he's 2 days old -

27 Dec 06 - 2 days

on 7 Jan, one day after my birthday, looking like he's going to do a slam dunk after his bath:


A day before he turns 1 month old (and showing one of his first fleeting genuine smiles!) :


Here's him last week playing under his baby gym:


And finally, here's the photo that we'll most likely use when we apply for his first Singapore passport:

22 Feb 2007

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