Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Pigs' Year! Babies in Epoch-defining times

A very happy lunar new year to all – especially for those born in the year of the Pig! My mom is one, her birthday being in 1947, two years after the end of the second World War.

I’ve often wondered about what it was like to be born in the war years.

I suppose being mere babes my parents wouldn’t have remembered, known, or felt, the enormity of their times.

Despite this, there’s a funny kind of prestige that goes with being a member of the “baby boomer generation”. And I often wished that I could be associated with epoch-making moments in history – you, know, the type that end up in history books, or being made into movies.

In some ways, maybe this prestige will follow DM when his children go to school in future – and learn about how the Internet was born and how it changed the face of globalization in their history books. Heh heh.

Anyhow, here are some of our first photos after bringing DM home from KK.

With the grandparents.

Aunty Swee Keng, DM's first visitor!

E burping the son after his first formula feed (Nestle's Nan, courtesy of KK).

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