Saturday, September 08, 2007

In Cambridge, MA 02138

Dear friends who've been praying for me and baby,

Here's an update of how we've been. The travel on QF/BA was a nightmare because my travel agent did not arrange for the infant bassinet. For the full story, you can read my email complaint and their reply below. To protect the innocent, I've blanked out the names:

Dear Ms Chen

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience that we have caused you and your family due to our mistake. It was a human error on our part and we offer no excuses for it. XX is full of remorse and hope you will give us a chance to atone for the mistake.

We are currently talking to the airline to ensure that the bassinet for the return trip is arranged. We will write to you again when we have the bassinet confirmed in writing.

I will be travelling from 8 to 16 September and will not have access to email. If you need further assistance, please contact either XX or XXX during my absence.

I hope you will not think less of us when you plan your next trip.

Thank you
General Manager, Operations
Global Travel Pte Ltd

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Yours truly
Date: Sep 6, 2007 11:45 AM

Dear XXX,

Imagine my HORROR, when we arrived at Terminal 1 on Tuesday night to find that my travel agent had NOT arranged the airline to provide infant travel facilities. The flight was overbooked, and the counter said that they could not give me a baby bassinet, and I could not even sit with my mother because the travel agent had given no instructions.

Why did this happen? XXX, I thought I specifically said to please ensure that I'm travelling with baby bassinet and baby food, and that my mother gets to sit with me. On both legs of the flight, from Sing-London and then London-Boston, we had to plead for the airline to change their passenger seating to accommodate my baby and mother, when all this should have been done by you.

It was gruelling enough to travel for more than 24 hours with a baby, I REALLY DID NOT NEED the additional stress caused by this very unpleasant experience.

I'm not at all confident now that in my return flight, the same would be arranged. It seems I can't take for granted a BASIC service that I should be able to trust my travel agent with.

I am copying XXXY on this email because with the string of mistakes throughout the entire ticket-booking experience has really made a very BAD impression, and I've lost faith in using Global Travels now, even though I have to still contact you for the return legs of the tickets for me, my mom, husband and father.

Although I know Global Travels is a big player in the field, and has to handle the government account which is HUGE, it is NO EXCUSE to be so NEGLIGENT in ensuring basic travel facilities are provided.

Please provide an explanation of why the QF/BA flights did not accommodate my requests. Please also tell me whether or not I have to personally make this request on my return leg to Singapore, or can I count on you to do it for me.





It's been a tough few days. Dylan was especially cranky the last 2 hours and making scene in the aircraft. I had to sit next to a Swiss-American called Jonah, who was very gracious about it all, thank God.

It's been very tiring for mom and me so far, brining in furniture and setting up the apartment, all the time while looking after Dylan. The baby is also not very used to Mom, and would cry quite badly when I'm gone from the apartment for too long. Poor mom has to cook and clean, and make sure baby is comfortable, so please pray for her.

I'm also coming down with a scratchy throat from the dry air, although the weather has been hot the past two days, so actually quite pleasant.

Thankfully, Uncle Gerry (a friend and contemporary's of my dad's) has been a great help, he even went to buy some pillows, bathroom and kitchen mats, and shower curtains for us last night! We're more or less settled in, and should be feeling more comfortable by the end of the week.

I just need to learn to let go and trust and God will take care of Mom and baby, because come Monday I'll be away from the apartment for longer stretches of time. Please pray for us.

Meantime, some photos of us on Day 2:

Me, Jet Lagged? No way!

Look at the camera!

At TJ Max

Getting a little chilly


  1. Be strong, Danielle! It's really tough settling down in a new place with a BB. Thank goodness that you have your mom with you. Take care and all the Best!!

  2. Thanks, Huili! Where are you right now?