Thursday, September 20, 2007

Settling In

School started this week and I already need to turn in 2 assignments. Yikes.

For mom and Dylan, it means more and longer hours of mommy being away, and ah-ma having to look for all kinds of ways to distract the little one for hours on end. He's getting better with her though. Although he still pines for me, he's got a great playground to go to, and here at the complex they've got great infant playing areas that are both indoors and outdoors.

Here, you see Dylan on one of his first forays into the magical experience of being on a swing. One hardly finds playgrounds like these in Singapore any more.

Some pictures -

In front of our apartment block 28 (the little bubba's wondering what he has on his head)

"Get this walker (which mommy got off craigslist for $25!) away from me!"

"The tomatoes here are huge - just look at the one I'm holding! Totally organic."

"I like it here. Oh yeah."

"Check out my new friend from the joint."


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  1. Hey Danielle, just read about your bad experience on the flight! Oh dear! Is it possible not to use them again? On the bright side, it looks beautiful over there, and Dylan looks like he's adjusting happily (especially on the swing!)

    You must be sad to have to go to school but hey, at least you're spending much more time with him as a student than if you had to come back to work, right? :) Hang in there, I'm sure things will fall into a comfortable routine!