Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Now we're in business!

Okay, so we were off to a rough start.

Some of you think that I still got the shorter end of the stick with the "remorseful" reply from Global Travels, and I should be demanding compensation of some kind. In ordinary circumstances, I might have, but right now I guess there are just too many things I need to prioritize...

Anyway, to continue the story.

On Day 2, totally jet lagged, we persevered on and Uncle Gerry took us around the huge malls in Framingham to start shopping for the home. I bought a futon sofa from Target for $150, and a car-seat that we'll use as Dylan's high chair for about $40. Not bad, so far.

We put up at Uncle Gerald's the first night, but moved into a totally spartan apartment and spent the second night there.

Me, my mom and dylan squeezing into a queen-sized mattress plonked in the middle of the living room, amid our barang. It felt like it was just a super single.

I dreamt we were refugees, cast-aways making do and surviving.

It's now almost exactly one week since we've arrived. Looking back on just the past few days, I'm just completely amazed, relieved, and grateful at just how far we've come!

Here's a look at just the living room and the open concept kitchen. It's a small cosy 2-bedder here, round about 600 sq ft.

The real steal by far is $15 rug you see. I got it at the Harvard Habitat for Humanity yard sale. So it's used, but it's still very new compared to the other rugs I saw, no hairs entangled in the rug fibres, very little dust.

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