Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ushering in Fall

It's been an incredibly warm first week of the New England autumn.

Temperature soared to close to 30 degrees midday, so much so I welcomed the cool of the air-conditioned library and classroom. Just like I would back home.

On Sunday evening, near dusk, people gathered at the foot of Week's Bridge along Charles' River. And ushered in Autumn with song and dance, complete with huge green waving giant puppets (named Oshun and Popeidon) and a New Orleans-style brass band. The event was called RiverSing.

Pretty festive.

Here's ah-ma wheeling baby along the river. IMG_1861.JPG

Smile for the camera!IMG_1863.JPG

Amid festivity

Scary big green waving giant from the top of the bridge (bad pic, so kept it small)

Dylan taking it all in (including a bite of the brochure!)


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