Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Power of ONE - A belated 1st birthday post.

Dylan turned one on Boxing Day three weeks ago.
happy birthday!

Weight = 9.3kg
Height = 74cm

First thing we did after getting over the jet lag from the 25 hour BOS-LON-SIN flight was call up the caterers, invite friends and family to share the celebration with us. I wanted his first birthday to be special, although E and I agreed that not all of Dylan's birthdays need to be celebrated this way.

I guess we're both driven not just by excitement that our firstborn is a whole year old, but also a panging guilt that we won't be spending a whole lot of time with him into his second year. The daddy just flew down under yesterday evening, and is starting grad medical school in a couple of weeks' time. Me, the mommy, is heading back to Boston for another gruelling 4 months to complete the programme.

So there you have it - the strangest year for poor Dylan, with Mommy and Daddy at different ends of the world, and him being taken care of by grandma and grandpa.

So this party is a special one for us. On the actual day, we had a little celebration just to 5 of us.

He loves cheese, so it's no wonder he relished every bite of his cheesecake!

yummy birthday chez cake
The birthday boy dons his party cap -
the birthday cap!

ready, set, and blow!
ready, set, blow!

the cousins want to join in the fun ...
1st Birthday with the cousins (minus Fredrik)

I love this photo because my best friends Lisa and Becky are in it (my bridesmaids), together with my niece Sophia (my flower girl). Together, the bridal party is complete!
The bridal party - me, lisa, becky, little sophia

The grandma and grandaunt took lotsa pains to do up the place beautifully. Here's the birthday boy in front of his wall of fame...

birthday boy in front of decorations

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  1. You really made his birthday special! I like it, the photos and the meaningful way it is celebrated.