Friday, January 18, 2008


Dylan's name, in Old Celtic, means "ocean", or "the sea".

Ironically, he's not quite the water-baby his name might bill him to be. At least, if the way he screamed and thrashed about everytime we wanted him to sit still in the bath-tub during bath time was anything to go by.

So we decided that it was time to bring Dylan to the pool. First, we needed to get him a swimming costume - preferably the bodysuit type that would keep him warm. His grandparents already got him an inflatable swimming pool to break him into the idea of splashing around.

The price tag that came with his Arena brand bodysuit is not to be sniffed at too - $59!! - yet another reminder to us why the kiddy market is so very lucrative!

The first time we put him in the inflateable tub, he was obviously tense and took a fair bit of cajoling just to sit down, even though the water was only up to his knees.
My own swimming pool! 3

Slowly, with grandma throwing in some floatable toys, he eased into a cautious pattern of splashing a little here and there.
My own swimming pool! 4

And before you know it, he's really into the deal!
My own swimming pool! 2

So we graduated him to the big pool at Park Green to test his water legs further. Uncle Sean and Aunty Mag's gift of a mushroom float came into good use here.
Just Floatin' around...laughing at Daddy's faces
Still, at the end of the day, our baby is still quite the "land-lubber". At least now, when I bath him (which used to be Daddy's job before he flew down under), he's quite happy to sit down, and even ventures to hold the showerhead and examine how it makes the soapy water bubble up.

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