Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter in Cambridge

The first thing that strikes you when you're walking outside and the snow is falling, is suddenly how quiet everything is.

Sunday saw about 1 foot of snowfall in Boston/Cambridge, and I walked out to meet friends who just arrived in town for yum cha. Partly because it was a Sunday, so traffic was very light, but walking out to the station I was struck by the silence that hung over the air. Footsteps and cars moving over freshly fallen snow make very little noise indeed.

Crossing a small road I was concentrating so hard on the footprints I left on the canvas below my feet that I was shocked to look up to my left and see an SUV grinding to a halt to let me pass. I didn't hear the vehicle at all! Waving an apologetic hand I quickly rushed to the safety of the other side of the road.

If you did a double-take and I thought I was carrying Dylan, I don't blame you! Here's little Caitlyn, who is just a couple of months younger than Dylan. Such a cutie! I have to confess carrying her made me miss my li'l one so.
with baby Caitlin

Winter scapes from Charles River. I am continually startled by how beautiful this river is, and am so grateful to be living so near it.

Can you tell where the river ends and the bank begins? Clue: look for the bridge!
bench 1

Scraggly trees on the sidewalk near Peabody Terrace
scraggly trees.JPG

Another view of the lonely bench against the stark background.

bench 2

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