Monday, February 04, 2008

Warmer Days

Cambridge has been seeing warmer days, and since the last post the snow and ice that covered almost every square inch of roof, river, and ground has melted away.

On some afternoons, the sun can be so brilliant that just being outdoors and watching the way the light bounces off the streets just takes my breath away.

This mommy is homesick, and missing her little one. But God reminds me, through these simple reflections and experiences, that He ever so near, ever so present.

Remember how Charles River looked under snow? Well, look again.

View of Week's Bridge:
view of week's bridge

Memorial Drive - against the brilliant mid-morning sun:
sunshine 2

And how it looked couple of weeks ago:
scraggly trees.JPG

Meantime, little Dylan had a mini-field trip to the local Thai Express and Haagen Daz to see his friends, thanks to Uncle Mian and Aunty Mei who relieved grandma and grandpa of Dylan for a couple of hours on Sunday. Photos courtesy of Joyce's hp.

with baby Laura

At Haagen Daz (3 Feb)

Oh how I hope these temperatures will persist. I think I've had quite enough of winter already.

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