Friday, February 08, 2008

In the Meantime... A Rat's Year

When you are so far away from home, any news from home provides welcome reprieve.

From a creeping sense of desolation being transplanted so far away from the familiar, and from people so near and dear to us.

News also brings that sense of wonder that a whole year has passed us by so very quickly. I remember last year CNY being a festival spent sorta in a blur as we adjusted to being new parents of something still so very little and tender. And me wondering how this little person will ever grow to be strong and significant.

And now, a year later, we're looking at a tough little guy whom I am told is quite capable of holding his own even among aunties and uncles without the benefit of mommy, daddy, or even granny and grampa being around.

How fast they grow!

So while I endure another bout of snow and sub-zero temperatures, family back at home is spending time together, travelling up to Segamat, and enjoying fireworks that are a rare and would-be illegal treat in Singapore.

Brave Christy
Christy the Brave

My darling nieces and nephew (minus baby Ryan and baby ??? still in Alice's tummy)
The Chen kiddies

Fredrik and Sara, who are a year apart in age
Fredrik & Sara (Liang Deh dozin')

A couple of days before CNY, the little guy spent quality time with another set of grandparents:

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