Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spending time.

"bye-bye mommy!"

I've been lying low in the final two days before flying back here, to spend some quiet time enjoying my son. I also invested (thank you MOE!) in a point-and-shoot camera, an 8 megapix Olympus FE-280, so have been playing around with it.


I miss the Canon IXUS' faster shutter button response, and its continuous shooting mode. The Olympus takes 2 seconds when the shutter button is pressed to focus and snap, so it can be annoying with a frisky 1 year-old looking at the camera ever so fleetingly. For the same reason, without the continuous shutter mode it can only take the subject at every 3 second interval while I keep the finger on the shutter button. A bit slow.

The plus side: the Olympus point-and-shoot trumps the IXUS in design in almost every way: it is maroon, very slim, and comes in a neat little casing. I know, I'm a gal, so I'm a sucker for these things!
Photo 40.jpg Photo 42.jpg

Here are a few photos taken while I spent time with my precious baby in the final two days before the big fly over.

P1230001.JPG car or masak masak.JPG

With gong gong and shu shu:

Playing at home:

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  1. This entry brought tears to my eyes. I can imagine how painful it must be even though you wrote mostly about the camera. Trust God, to make it all worthwhile in the end!