Monday, December 29, 2008

A birthday to remember

Finally found some time to catch up on the birthday boy's adventures.

Early on boxing day, while the rest of Melbourne queued outside major department stores for dibs on crazy stock-take sales, the Koh tribe got up and made our way to the Mornington Peninsula to pick cherries. Once again, the Daddy has beat me to breaking the story first, so get the sweet and juicy details from his blog entry.

Little D put on his cheekiest grins for us that morning, while munching on cherries he handpicked for himself!

With all the traveling the past few weeks, we've been rather naughty with his afternoon naps recently, so I really wanted our freshly 2-year-old toddler to get his fill of sleep that day. After cherry-picking, though, the little one nodded off in the car in the 1.5 hour ride back to Point Cook, I guess just enough to recharge his batteries. Still not the best way to reclaim his sleep routine, but it'll have to do!

Back at Uncle K's, we blew up a few balloons to the delight of our birthday boy, and then slipped in his birthday present, which in this picture looks about as big as he is!


Watching him unwrap the present, and then react to what he sees, was precious beyond words can express!

"Look at my smashing new train set... still in the box!"
(Mommy's hoping that I won't literally smash my pressy in 5 minutes!)

"Quick, Daddy - quickly set it up for me!"

"Finally, my turn on my new toy!"

Evening came, and here we are, after dinner. Time for the big reveal - a PIXAR "Cars" themed chocolate cake from The Cheesecake Shop!



With the whole Koh/Toh gang

I'm so proud of our son, whom at age 2, is capable of blowing his own birthday candle out. =) Check it out!

Unlike last year, I haven't gotten a chance to compile a second year musical montage starring D M Koh. Hopefully, will get to do one soon and will put it up here. Watch this space.

Finally - a few words from little boy to his Aunties and Uncles back in Singapore -

"Dear Aunty M, thank you for the lovely red remote control car, and for the cool e-card! I still can't figure the remote control yet, but I love pushing the car around!"

"Dear Aunty J and Uncle SY, wow, I just received your present today - love my new set of toy cars!!! Thank You!!!"

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