Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 2 - High Country, New South Wales

Next day saw us leaving Cooma, and driving up a gentle incline for 60km or so, past sleepy ski town Jeeralang into the Snowy Mountain region.

Even at the tail end of November, while the rest of Australia enters the summer months, we could see patches of snow decorate the mountain range, freshly fallen just that Sunday.

Oh, so pretty!

It was time to whip out the tripod for some family pictures:

Lookout at Snowy Mountain

Getting comfy and protected from the strong wind in the backpack carrier:
Comfy in the backpack carrier

On the boardwalk on the way up to the lookout point, tripod in hand:
Mom and tripod

The thing that struck me about this place was how massive the mountains were and, in turn, how miniscule we were by comparison. It's near impossible to relay this feeling across using 2D photos, but just to give a sense of scale, here is the Daddy-son duo against the mountainous backdrop.

how small we are!

How wondrous that in spite of our utter insignificance, we are remembered and loved by God!

This scenic spot by the river caught our eye, and we found ourselves stopping the car by the side of the road, getting out and soaking it all in! Though in this particular instance, I was probably trying not to let Dylan get literally soaked, so eager he was to toddle near the water's edge!

playing by the water

Given the few hours we had to wander before having to make our way to Jervis Bay, we had to carefully select a quick walking trail out of the gamut of trails around the reserve ranging from 5km to 25km. We decided on doing a short 5km walk on the Porcupine Trail.

My turn to carry the backpack - here the tike is so so sleepy!
sleepy in this bag

It was a whole lot more tiring that it seemed from the map. With dark clouds suddenly looming overhead, and shoulders aching from our 13kg load (inclusive of the carrier), we turned back with just another 1km to go, not wanting to get back on the road too late. It helped that for a short distance, the little one wanted out of the carrier and walk his merry way down the hill. =)

Down Porcupine Trail

But before we hit the road proper, and heading up towards Canberra, Australia's Capital Territory en route to Jervis Bay, it was time for a bit of simple home-made... erm sandwich maker-made lunch.

Picnic lunch

Leaving the high country past noon, we drove and drove for a good 600km into Jervis Bay, reaching the motel only at 7.20pm that evening. Phew - what a long and exhausting day it was! But oh, so fun.

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